Make Downhill Mountain Biking an Olympic Sport!!!

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Make Downhill Mountain Biking an Olympic Sport!!! Empty Make Downhill Mountain Biking an Olympic Sport!!!

Post by Admin on Fri Mar 13, 2009 1:46 pm

Make Downhill Mountain Biking an Olympic Sport!!

Make Downhill Mountain Biking an Olympic Sport!!! N21841887176_2776

This is a group for anyone and everyone who agrees that downhill mountain bike racing should be a part of the summer Olympic games. If you are a racer, team member, rider, organizer, sponsor, fan, friend or relative of any of the above, or completely unaffiliated good samaritan, please help us by joining this group. The main goal of this group is to present the International Olympic Committee with over 10,000 group members as a Facebook petition, to demonstrate the interest that the public shows in this sport so that we might become an Olympic sport by the 2016 summer games (location to be announced October 2, 2009). The IOC claims that DH should not be included as an Olympic sport as it requires a venue with a mountain, yet cross country mountain bike racing has been an Olympic sport since the 1996 Atlanta summer games. Could you imagine the winter Olympics with XC skiing but not DH or giant slalom? If we are accepted as an Olympic sport, an added benefit will be that we will also put an end to corporate sponsorship dropouts claiming that we are not worth it as we are not an Olympic sport. Please, help us reach our many attainable goals by joining this group.

(This group started ~10:00pm Monday Nov 12, 2007. 10,000th member joined ~5:28pm Friday March 28, 2008. That's about 80 new members a day... 20,000th member joined ~10:51am Wednesday Jan 7, 2009.)

Thanks to all the members of this group for your support! A 20,000 member strong petition is a powerful weapon for our sport, who knows what we might accomplish with a written mob like this! See you at the Olympics!!

- Supporters of this group you might recognize so far include Sam Hill (officer for this group), Brendan Fairclough (officer for this group), Mick Hannah (officer for this group), Marc Beaumont (officer forthis group), Julien Camellini (officer for this group), Stevie Smith (officer for this group), Sabrina Jonnier (officer for this group), Niki Gudex (officer for this group), Kyle Ebbett (officer for this group), Greg Minnaar, Josh Bryceland, Jonty Neethling, Ben Reid, Kieran Bennett, Matt Simmonds, Duncan Riffle, Nigel Page, Cyrille Kurtz, Tracey Hannah, Tara Llanes, Melissa Buhl, Mio Suemasa, Kyle Strait, Chris Van Dine, JD Swanguen, Jeff Beatty, Adam Billinghurst, Aaron Chase, Wayne Goss, Ben Boyko, George Ryan, Eric Porter, Chris Donahue, Dave Smutok, Jordie Lunn, Ryan Schnepf, Mike Kinrade, Gareth Dyer, Alex Prochazka, Trond Hansen, Kyle Ritchie, Taylor Sage, Garet Buehler, Clay Porter, Ian Hylands and Kathy Sessler. Sorry if I missed anyone, I know there are more.

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