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Post by aulanz4ever on Tue Sep 16, 2008 12:40 pm

TITUS FRAME:(Exogrid and Isogrid)

Exogrid is a patented technology (US Pat. No. 6,896,006) that combines the best attributes of advanced composites with those of traditional metals. Exogrid structures start with a base metal (such as titanium) structure that then has a major portion of the surface area removed through advanced techniques, such as laser machining. The resulting lightweight metal shell is then fused (using the company’s patented Bi/Fusion™ Technology) with an advanced composite inner structure molded during a secondary process using elevated temperature and pressure. All of our Exogrid tubes are built by hand in Arizona, and are particularly well suited to applications where lightweight and high-stiffness/strength are critical - such as bike frames.

Because of the characteristics of the different materials, multi-material Exogrid structures are lighter than their pure metal counterparts and have significantly improved performance in both bending and torsion. Exogrid Technology is able to take advantage of the primary benefits of metals (strength and consistency) as well as those of continuous fiber-based composites (weight savings and design flexibility).

Multi-material Exogrid structures also possess unique vibration damping qualities due to the dissimilar natural frequencies of the fiber based composites and base metals. This vibration damping effect gives improved “feel” to bicycles frames and components when compared to the vibrations generated by a single material metal surface.

The unique structure of Isogrid allows designers to push the performance levels of conventional composites by using an array of carbon fiber ribs to reinforce an ultra-thin, double-butted outer shell…reducing total structure weight while yielding tubes that are stronger, stiffer and more durable than conventional composite tubes.

The orientation, size and density of the actual ribs allow engineers to tune the performance levels to the specific requirements of each application, depending on loads being applied. Simply stated – Isogrid allows designers to put material where they need it….. and remove it from where they don't.

Because Isogrid Technology® (US Pat. No. 6,820,654) involves molding the various carbon layers with its complimentary BiFusion™ process against an outer female mold, the individual layers can be tailored to the needs of the tube and allow infinite "butting" profiles, both along the length of the tube and around its circumference. This type of optimization is unique to Titus’ molding processes and is used in conjunction with Isogrid to optimize each tube design.

Why do we use Titanium, Carbon fiber, and even Aluminum all in the same frame? It’s not because we can, it’s because we are always looking for the best way to build your next bike. In order to get the ultimate ride, strength and tuning ability, multiple materials are the way to go. This is just one of many areas that sets Titus apart. We aren’t just a Titanium bike maker, or a carbon fiber bike maker, or an aluminum fabricator. We are the cutting-edge high-end bike manufacturer! That means we never stand still, we are always seeking-out and incorporating leading edge technologies that can build a better bike and ultimately improve your riding experience. We are all about giving you more and better reasons to ride.
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