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Post by jaymz on Mon Mar 23, 2009 8:23 am

Mountainbikers, read on.....


A bunny hop is a maneuver in which the rider makes the bike airborne using only their body.

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A bunny hop is carried out by approaching an obstacle at speed with arms and legs bent. The rider pushes the bars forward, and then pulls up by transferring their weight behind the seat tube. Once the front end is in the air, the rider straightens their legs whilst keeping arms and back slightly bent, pulling the bars up to their knees. The rider then levels the bike by pointing their feet downwards so the pedals are almost vertical and tucks the rear end of the bike to their body using their hamstrings. The rider shifts their weight to the centre of the bike once level, and then lands.

It is common practice for the rider to extend their legs so the rear end is lower than the front, as well as extend their arms, so the rear ends lands first and before the front; doing so helps absorb the shock from the impact of the landing. Landing rear end first also places the majority of the shock onto the stronger and more stable muscles of the legs, therefore reducing strain on the wrists and forearms of the rider. Also, if the bike has suspension (full or front), then the shocks may be "pre-loaded" by applying downwards pressure to them just before the obstacle.

A bunny hop is a staple trick in off-road and BMX cycling, as it is the basis of most tricks; however, the bunny hop is a useful skill for an urban cyclist/commuter, allowing the avoidance of potholes, other hazards, and allowing for quick mounting of curbs.

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Post by keelo811 on Mon Mar 23, 2009 8:57 am

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